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Our Engagement Story...

By Debbie and Becca - The Infinite Wedding Community

Debbie and Becca, Same sex wedding tips

I am extremely excited to introduce a blog from The Infinite Wedding Community, all about getting engaged and wedding planning.
I know this is something all engaged couples will find useful!

Thank you to Debbie & Becca, for letting us share this incredible advice with our audience.

Thinking about popping the question or are you recently engaged? Let’s face it, planning anything to do with getting married can be daunting and really confusing, especially with all the millions of ideas floating around the internet.

From the perfect engagement to wedding planning nightmares, we love reading all your stories. It reminds us of why we decided to get engaged and how overwhelming it felt at the beginning.

To help ease your engagement and wedding planning concerns, we thought we’d share with you our story so far and some handy tips, in the hope that this will give you a little heads up, faith and reassurance.

Our Engagement Story...

When was the moment you knew that you were meant to marry on another?

I think after years of making each other laugh, even in the worst of situations, we just knew we’d end up together long term.

TIP: If you haven’t proposed yet remember, timing is everything! Way before you get engaged, have discussions together about the future. This will give you an idea on whether your partner is ready for a proposal.

Who proposed to who? What was the process of ring choosing, proposal planning and proposing like?

After seven years of waiting, I simply made an appointment at Michael Frank Jewellers to talk about bespoke wedding rings. At the time, it was just to get an idea of price and look around their shop. We ended up walking out of our appointment having commissioned two engagement rings.

TIP: If you aren’t planning to choose the ring together then ensure you get a sense of what they really love by snapping photos of the jewellery they wear every day. The ring is a piece of jewellery your partner will wear every day for the rest of their life, so make sure you do your research. Ask a close friend or family member to help with ideas if needs be. Oh, and find out their ring size! If it’s not a secret, just ask!

What part of the wedding planning process were you most excited about?

Probably different answers from both of us here, I (Becca) have been most excited about outfits for both me and our bridesmaids. Debs really didn’t have loads of input on planning, so is more excited for the actual day to finally be here.

TIP: Before the two of you begin planning, it’s important to sit down and discuss what level of involvement you each want in the wedding planning process. Perhaps one partner is interested in the entertainment and decor, while the other wants to research the photographers and food. There are many ways to split up the duties so it’s not all on one person. Having a conversation about it upfront will 100% prevent any arguments later down the road.

Are there any wedding trends that you think are overdone and want to steer clear of?

I think that huge, over-scaled weddings are a thing of the past. Debs and I have decided after originally planning a big wedding, that we’re going to scale down as much as possible.

We want it to be as personal and intimate as we can make it, with a handful of guests who really mean a lot to us. We’ve noticed that lately a lot of other couples have been doing the same.

TIP: Your wedding should be about the commitment you’re making to one another rather than who can throw the biggest, fanciest party so remember this when you are getting overwhelmed by all the planning tasks and thoughts of what you should and shouldn’t have. If you want to go big then that’s great but make sure you are planning a big wedding for the right reasons. If you would prefer a more intimate setting and were just opting for a bigger one because it pleased your parents, then politely decline and do it your way.

What are three qualities you admire about each other?

Becs about Debs:

I love Debs’ positive outlook and attitude towards life, her determination and confidence within herself.

Debs about Becs:

Becs has an amazing heart, she can see the beauty in things. She has a beautiful smile that you just can’t help but smile back, and I love the way I feel when I’m with her or even just thinking of her.

PLANNING TIP: Try thinking of different ways to incorporate both your personalities into your big day. Think outside the box; offer two wedding favours to guests representing the both of you, or perhaps have two types of cocktails on offer that represent each of your personalities instead of prosecco. The Prim and Proper Cocktail Bar offer a mean vodka martini or perhaps you or your partner would like to opt for a boozy long island iced tea? Contact them if you think a mobile cocktail bar would complement your big day.

If you had an unlimited budget for your wedding what would you splurge it on?

For me, it would be the dress. I’ve always loved Liz Martinez gowns which start at an eye-watering £8k (which is their cheapest dress). I’d also set aside a fair amount for entertainment, particularly something for the guests to do while photos are being taken. Debs’ input here: I’d have Celine Dion sing her down the aisle….

TIP: If Celine Dion isn’t available check out Fira Events, a London-based violin and flute company that provides exceptional performances for celebrations, events and weddings. From Coldplay to Abba, Avicii to Pharrell Williams, this musical ensemble is a guaranteed addition to your dream day.

What are you looking forward to most about married life?

We’ve been together ten years this year so we’re already practically an old married couple now! Honestly? As a same-sex couple I’m really looking forward to introducing Debs as my wife. It’s crazy the number of times I mention ‘my partner’ who is almost always automatically assumed to be a man or when people ask if we’re sisters simply because we’re both females.

TIP: Same-sex couples have a great amount of creative freedom with their wedding and one of the best things is that you can do away with convention and tradition and make the day truly your own. So, if you want Funky Casinos to provide a Las Vegas style casino instead of having a DJ as entertainment, go for it!

Do you have a dream honeymoon destination?

We both love tropical destinations so I guess that the ultimate honeymoon for us would be somewhere like Bora Bora, Bali, or Fiji.

TIP: Your honeymoon is the trip that sets the tone for the adventures you’ll have in your future and provides memories that will last forever, so consider going to a boutique travel agency like @luxurylondonguy if you are looking for a specific destination for your honeymoon. They will be able to give you lots of advice and will also be up to date on all current travel restrictions and trends.

Final thoughts...

The most important thing to remember when planning your wedding is that we all deserve to have a day that celebrates our unique qualities. So, if you think your choices will do just this and make your wedding more memorable, go for it and don’t be afraid to say goodbye to tradition!

Debbie and Becca x


For more advice and inspiration to help make your wedding day a unique and memorable occasion, make sure you’re following the Infinite Wedding Co blog. They share helpful insight and inspiration to help make planning your wedding a breeze.

If you need any further assistance with planning your wedding, or finding the right supplier/venue for your special day, head over to their website or ping them an email if you have any other questions.

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