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Will Writing Services

Writing a Will can feel like a minefield of legal jargon, confusing forms and things you really don’t want to think about. At Oaktree Will Services we aim to make things easier for you with our qualified Will writers.

 There are a few different types of Wills that you can write but for most people, a simple Single or Mirror Will be sufficient. 

Our services include...

Will Writing

Will Writing

At Oaktree Will Services, we offer a Will writing service and Will checking service for both Single and Mirror Wills.


Our personal service could be a good solution for you if;


  • you understand the basics of how Wills work but want some extra advice to make sure your Will is written properly

  • you want to pay less than a solicitor would charge, but still receive a professional service

  • your Will is going to be quite simple. For example, if you’re leaving everything to your immediate family and your estate doesn’t include anything like overseas investments or a company you own.

Will Checking

Will Checking

It is essential that Wills are kept up to date to ensure they still accurately reflect your final wishes. However, many people often forget to regularly check and update their Wills once they have been made.

After a period of time or a significant event in your life the current version of your Will may no longer be valid. It may omit people you would wish to be included; You may have moved house or had an addition to the family; or a loved one may have passed away. 

At Oaktree Will Services we take the time to discuss your wishes and ensure your Will is checked for accuracy and updated accordingly to reflect them. 

Single Will

Single Wills

At Oaktree Will Services we offer a Single Will writing service which helps to compile a Will written by an individual to document their wishes, and how they would like their estate to be treated when they pass away.


Single Wills are not however just limited to single people. You can write a Single Will if you are in a relationship, married or in a civil partnership. And if your partner already has a Will and their wishes differ to yours, then compiling a Single Will is your best option.

Mirrored Will

Mirror Wills

A Mirror Will is a Will which is drawn up by a couple whose wishes reflect each others.

At Oaktree Will Services we will work with you both as a couple to produce two Wills. Even though the contents will ‘MIRROR’ each other, there is an opportunity to make some personal requests, such as funeral arrangements and any personal or sentimental items which you may wish to leave to someone else.

Will Storage

Will Storage

Will storage is a low cost annual fee which allows you to store you key documents such as your Will & LPA.

National Will Safe Ltd will keep your documents in a waterproof envelope & protected in a specialist document archive. Your Will is registered on the National Will Register.


If you have a Will written by me then this is a great low cost, safe option to store your documents securely. Your documents are scanned, and an electronic copy is kept.


All fully insured and returned free of charge, to you or your executors when needed.

Get in touch today

If you are looking to create, update or even have your Will checked for accuracy, then we would love to help.

We begin all of our Will Services with a personal consultation and then work together to create your Single or Mirror Wills.

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