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Ten romantic proposal ideas

Updated: May 16, 2022

wedding proposal on the cliff by the sea
Planning the perfect proposal can be daunting. We suggest beginning by understanding what the person you’re proposing to loves in life.
If they’re an introvert who hates being the centre of attention, plan something that is special and private as opposed to being surrounded by people. But if they’re an outgoing, ‘more is more’ type of person, you might have a firework display or propose in the middle of a public place.

Try putting your own spin on one of our unique and romantic proposal ideas. When you ask your partner to marry you, you’ll want to create a memorable proposal story – one that you’ll tell your loved ones and reflect back on for the rest of your life.

1. Set up a picnic

A picnic can be very romantic if you set it up in the right way. Add some candles, wine, chocolate-covered strawberries, and your partner’s favourite foods to a basket. Plus a picnic gives you the options of incorporating other people or keeping it intimate.

2. Include your children

Finding ways to incorporate your children will make the proposal extra special. Plus it’s pretty much guaranteed to make them cry, which is always a bonus (cry of happiness of course).

3. Put it in writing

Having friends or family hold up a sign that spells out the proposal is a WOW moment and can seamlessly incorporate your partner’s favourite people. If you have them display the sign from a distance, you can still ask the question out of earshot of other people – a private romantic moment.

4. Recreate your first date

There’s something hugely romantic about popping the question at the restaurant where you first met. Bonus points for adding additional touches such as ordering the drink you had that night.

5. Go “all out” for an Insta-worthy moment

Want to really push the boat out? Hire a florist and let them work their magic with a generous budget. Add some candles to the mix and it will be the most romantic, Instagram-worthy proposal you’ve ever seen. When planning this type of proposal, communicate with someone to take photos from the best angles.

6. Plan it around your partner’s favourite holiday

Is your significant other really into Halloween? Or Christmas? Plan the proposal around a day they love, so it’ll make the day even better than they thought it could be.

7. Take a spontaneous trip

Many beach resorts offer amazing proposal packages that make popping the question extra special. There are also cooler destinations to consider such as Iceland, or a place you’ve always dreamed of visiting together.

8. Skywriter message

This unique proposal idea is pretty extravagant. Hire a skywriter to spell out your proposal in the sky for everyone around to see.

9. Candlelit path

Make a trail or candles in your home, garden or a hotel room, that leads to a circle of candles positioned around you holding the ring.

10. Hotel room proposal

On a trip? While you’re out of the hotel, ask the staff to stage your hotel room with rose petals, candles and champagne – everything for a perfect surprise proposal.

Now that you have some creative proposal ideas, use them as inspiration for your unique version of asking your love to spend the rest of your lives together.

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