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Seven unique wedding ideas to get you inspired!

Orange and red wedding dresses on hangers
You’ve found the love of your life and are planning your wedding. But perhaps you want to do things a little differently?
We’ve put together 7 unique wedding ideas, changes or additions for how you can customise your special day.
Here we go!

1. Alternative wedding dress colours

One of the biggest ways you can make a statement or incorporate a unique element into your wedding, is to not wear a white wedding dress. Some of the most popular alternative colour options include champagne, blush pink, red, blue or even black. But really you could choose whichever colour you want!

2. Movie theme

You’d be surprised how many people now use their favourite movie as inspiration for their wedding theme. Some of the most notable we’ve seen have included Bridgeton, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean or Alice in Wonderland. This method understandably tends to produce extravagant and colourful weddings with a magical atmosphere. If this is what you’re looking for, then this idea might be for you.

3. Multi-sensory experience

Another way you could make your wedding more unique is to involve multi-sensory experiences throughout your day. If you’ll have lots of children at your wedding, or individuals with disabilities who would benefit from experiencing the day through a variety of sensory methods, this option might be for you.

Capture your guests’ five senses with the colours, sounds, tastes, scents and texture of your wedding. For example, offer a tasting menu with a variety of flavours for people to try, from spicy to sour to sweet to mild. Have areas where guests can be quiet and in close company and areas where they can dance and listen to loud music. In terms of decorations, you could incorporate different materials, like velvet pressed flowers, metallic foils or tick parchment. The possibilities of how to keep your guests entertained are truly endless.

Wedding Cake made of Cheese

4. Savoury wedding cake

One of the most traditional aspects of a wedding is the cake. Many are now breaking tradition from having a sweet wedding cake for a savoury option. A common alternative recently has been cheese cakes, with wheels of different types of cheese stacked on top of each other, decorated with grapes, figs and thyme sprigs. Not a cheese fan? Other ideas include sushi cake, pork pie cake or even pizza cake. Whatever your favourite savoury food is, there will be someone out there willing to make a “cake” out of it for you.

5. Monogram of your names

An artist or specialist in monogram designs can create something unique, incorporating your and your partners names together. Why not have a stamp made of your monogram and put it throughout your wedding experience, from invitations to menus and even stationary and gifts for the wedding guests to take away.

There are even designers and jewellery makers out there who could make pendants or jewellery from your design. This way you’ll have something to wear that will remind you of your special day.

Candles in glass bottles

6. Repurpose glass bottles

If you’re on a budget or just have a lot of wine, whiskey or rum bottles laying around with pretty labels, use these as decoration around your wedding venue. This is a budget friendly decoration method with beautiful results. Popular things to do include placing flowers, candles or fairy lights in the bottles and having them as table decorations, or having a tower of decorated bottles as a centrepiece at your wedding.

7. Hire a celebrant

A registrar has the power to marry you in the eyes of the law. A celebrant has the ability to help you personalise your ceremony, and is much more flexible around timing and location. Many couples choose to have a celebrant officiate their wedding instead of a registrar because of the flexibility that comes with them.

A celebrant spends time getting to know you so they can create a bespoke ceremony for you on the day and can even include religious or spiritual elements that are personal to you.

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