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Ten reasons to renew your vows!

Renewing your vows is one of the ultimate ways to remind yourself and your partner why you are together. More and more couples are opting for vow-renewal ceremonies, at all stages of their relationship. Every relationship is different, and couples renew their vows for a wide-variety of reasons. Whatever your reason, if you’re considering a vow renewal ceremony, we think you should go for it!

1. Landmark anniversary

This is a popular reason, and a great one! Have you made it to 5, 10, 20 or even 30 years together? Making a marriage work requires commitment, compromise, trust and a whole lot more! Why not celebrate this milestone with your friends and family by having a vow renewal ceremony?

2. An excuse for a party

If you like to party or just want an excuse to get all of your friends and family together, a vow renewal could just be the reason. Today, many of us have friends and family living all around the world. We don’t get many reasons to get them all together.

3. A surprise for your partner

Some people choose to hold surprise vow renewal ceremonies and surprise their partner. Just be sure your partner has the opportunity to put on a nice outfit first!

4. The chance to wear your dream wedding dress

If your wedding outfit didn’t quite go to plan, a vow renewal is the perfect excuse to be able to wear your dream wedding dress. Maybe you couldn’t afford it at the time or maybe you had to wear a back-up because of a drink spill? Or maybe you wore exactly what you wanted on your wedding day but have another dress you’d like an excuse to wear?

5. Reassessing your vows

Relationships change over time. Especially if you’ve been married for a number of years, the people you are now may not be the same people that got married originally. A vow renewal allows you to create a new set of vows that are more relevant and appropriate to where you are in life now, compared to when you originally got married. This is a beautiful way to embrace the changes at different stages of your life, but still remind yourselves of the commitment to each other.

6. You want to celebrate your children

If you had your children after getting married, they wouldn’t have had the opportunity to be part of your special day. Now that you’re a family, use your vow renewal as a celebration of the family you’ve created together. Some even choose to involve their pets in the ceremony.

7. You take your marriage very seriously

Not that you didn’t take it seriously before, but now that you’ve been together for a number of years you’ve become more intentional about your relationship. You take marriage more seriously now and value your partner in a whole new way. That sounds like a good reason to renew your marriage vows.

8. You want to be more spontaneous

Maybe you and your partner had a very traditional wedding, and now you’d like to celebrate in a more modern way. A vow renewal can look however you wish.

9. You’ve survived some serious bumps…

This is another popular reason for a vow renewal. Maybe these bumps came from outside your relationship due to unforeseen circumstances, or between the two of you within the relationship. Renewing your vows can be a powerful tool to reinforce your relationship and remind yourselves why you decided to stay together.

10. A romantic gesture

Coinciding your vow ceremony with a birthday or even Valentine’s Day could be the ultimate romantic gesture. You could plan the whole thing as a gift to your partner or create a personal ceremony with just the two of you instead of all your friends and family also attending. There is no right or wrong way to have your vow ceremony.

At Oaktree Ceremonies, we can help you personalise your ceremony so it’s a truly intimate and special affair. Contact us for more information on renewing your vows.

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