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Six Celebrities who are Celebrants

two children holding hands at a wedding
Usually, the person officiating your wedding blends into the background while the couple take the limelight. However, if you have a celebrity as your celebrant you might have to share some of the attention!
You may be surprised at how many celebrities are also celebrants and have officiated weddings of their close friends and family.

Here are six we think you wouldn’t have guessed:

1. Michelle Obama

The former FLOTUS officiated the wedding of Stephanie Rivkin and Joel Sircus in September 2018 (their parents have ties with the Obamas). We really can’t think of a better perk than having an Obama as your celebrant. Michelle’s husband and former President of the United States, Barack Obama is also an official celebrant.

2. Bill Clinton

Alongside his already impressive resume, Bill Clinton is also an official celebrant. He became a celebrant in 2010 and officiated the wedding of New York politician Anthony Weiner and Huma Adedin, who was a long-time aide of Bill’s wife, Hilary Clinton.

3. Adele

The globally famous British singer oversaw what British Comedian Alan Carr described as ‘the best day of my life’. Apparently, Adele insisted on planning the whole wedding, from the food to flowers, and even arranging a trip for the couple to Las Vegas to see Celine Dion in concert. Adele also sang for their first dance - of course.

4. Tom Hanks

In 2015, Tom Hanks officiated the wedding of American actress Allison Williams to her husband Richy Van Veen at Brush Greek Rand in Saratoga, Wyoming. The 150-200 guest list included some very famous names, including Katy Perry, Seth Meyers, Lena Dunham and Bruce Springsteen just to name a few.

5. Emma Stone

Best known for her roles in Spiderman, Easy A and La La Land, Emma Stone is also a celebrant. Not only did she introduce this couple, but she also presided over the marriage of director Ruben Fleischer and Emma’s publicist Holly Shankoor. Apparently, she was poised, polished and took the role very seriously.

6. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga isn’t quite yet a celebrant but she will be soon! After the legalisation of gay marriage in the state of New York in America, Lady Gaga registered to become an ordained minister. A large percentage of Lady Gaga’s fans are gay or bisexual, therefore the license was a way to show her fans how much they meant to her and support the new legislation in New York.

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