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Eight useful wedding gift ideas!

Wedding gifts on a table

Offering wedding gifts to the happy couple is the guest’s way of helping them prepare for their new life together. So putting together a wedding gift list your guests can choose from is an effective way to make sure they give you something you really want or need.

If you’re struggling with suggestions, here are 8 useful wedding gift ideas that might give you some inspiration.

1. Kitchen crockery.

Home essentials, especially kitchen essentials are a practical gift you’re sure to use, especially if you’re moving into a new home together after the wedding. Think about things you use every day, or consumables such as herbs and spice gifts.

2. Honeymoon fund.

Why not set up a honeymoon fund so your guests can contribute towards your post-wedding getaway? This is one of the most popular gift ideas. Plus, your guests will be keen to give you something you really want and will use. You could set up a fund for people to donate money to a specific activity at the destination you’re going to, or for extra upgrades and treatments.

3. Luggage.

As a newly married couple, you’re likely going to be doing a lot of traveling, moving or visiting friends and family. New luggage may just come in handy to take everything you need. Investing in some good quality luggage for yourselves and any children you may have is a great gift idea to propose to your guests.

4. Subscription service.

Another practical gift idea - how about a year’s worth of a subscription for something you regularly use? It could be Netflix, an online magazine you read, Amazon Prime, travel insurance or even Spotify. Make sure to let your guests know on your list what subscriptions you use so they can pick the right ones for you.

5. Meal kit subscription.

If you’re got a busy few months coming up as a newly married couple, why not add a meal kit subscription such as HelloFresh or Gusto onto your wedding gift list? Get your meals delivered to you so you only need to do minimal cooking during this busy period.

6. Photo Frames.

This gift can be used for generations to come. Ask your guests to give you photo frames that you can fill with pictures of your special day, honeymoon and all of your memories to come.

7. Cooking Lessons.

If you want to brush up on your cooking skills as a newly married couple, cooking lesson vouchers may be a lovely gift for you. This is a great option if you want to explore a cuisine you aren’t very skilled with, for example Middle-Eastern Cuisine or pasta making. Cooking lessons are great at teaching you the basics that you can apply to a wide-variety of dishes.

8. Unique experiences.

Vouchers for a meal out at their favourite restaurant is a great gift. Ideally, anything that the newlyweds can do together is perfect, so for a much-needed gift, spa vouchers are always a winner. After most weddings, a detox is needed. You could also find a unique couple experience like champagne tasting or theatre tickets to a popular west end show.

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