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Meaningful gifts for someone who is grieving.

Gift box for someone who is grieving

A person losing a loved one is difficult to say the least. In addition to adapting to life without the deceased and managing their grief, they have to also use their energy on daily tasks. One way you can help to make life a little easier for a person grieving is by gifting them with something meaningful. When making the decision on what to get, keep in mind that it’s a symbol of letting the person know you’re there for them.

If you’re looking for recommendations on gifts that will make a real difference, below we’ve highlighted some gift ideas for someone who is grieving.

Food parcels

Food parcels can provide grievers with sustenance, and feed families who don’t have the energy or time to currently cook. A fortnight or month’s subscription of meal kits, or fruit and vegetable parcels could be very helpful. Alternatively, if you live close by, leave a home-cooked meal on their doorstep.

A care package

Providing your grieving loved one with a self-care package can help to encourage them to shower and dress on days where they may not even feel like getting out of bed. There are a huge amount of self-care and wellness packages online you can choose from – Etsy’s a great place to browse (search “care package”). Try to pick one with beautiful scents in the bathing products and perhaps one that includes a candle too.

A meaningful book

One recommended read for those working through grief is “It’s OK That You’re Not OK: Grief and Loss in a Culture That Doesn’t Understand” by Megan Devine. Megan is a therapist and loss survivor, and this book is a deeply affirming look at how our society treats grief as something to be fixed, rather than validating it as a completely sane response to loss.

Learning to live with grief is a meaningful lesson and one this book offers in spades.

A long-lasting plant

People suffering loss are often gifted with lots of flowers. At a time of grief, it can be hard to think about looking after them. A low-maintenance plant might be a more suitable option, that the recipient won’t have to worry about taking care of during a difficult time.

An offering of help to do tasks

If the loss is particularly recent, your loved one might be struggling with the basics. An offer to grab their food shopping for them, picking the children up from school, or giving their home a spring clean can be immensely helpful for someone who’s finding life to be unmanageable as they grieve.

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