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Supporting you through those difficult times.

Updated: May 19, 2021

Lyonesse Therapies

Weddings and Funerals can be extremely stressful times for people. Whether it be from the overwhelming amount of planning required or how to manage the loss of someone dear, it can be difficult for many people to process and therapy can help overcome these struggles.

At Oaktree Ceremonies, we are pleased to be working with Lyonesse Therapies who are experienced in the world of therapy. They look to apply fast and effective neuroscience interventions to help people who are struggling with varying situations and use therapy to identify options and ideas to overcome these.


Planning a wedding can be a stressful time, and for some people there are particular aspects that can seem especially daunting such as:

  • The speeches – public speaking is not for everyone, but when you’re a key speaker at a wedding it going to be unavoidable.

  • Confidence – in your appearance, in organising the events of the day, to be able to make the right decisions when planning with your events manager,

  • Stress – when everything has been organised and all that’s left is the waiting time, learn how to relax and look forward to your special day

  • Photo shoots – if you dread the thought of all those photos being taken of you, there are ways to help you manage this anxiety

  • Social Anxiety – do you dread the reception, are you worried about chatting with strangers at your table, or mingling over the canapés?

  • Covid Anxiety – this can be related to social anxiety as we’ve been in lockdown for so long or could be worries about exposure to the virus.

  • General anxiety about everything else!

At Oaktree Ceremonies we work with the team at Lyonesse Therapies to help you if you are suffering from any of the above to make the lead up to your day as stress free as possible.


Grieving is a natural process and one that everybody experiences in their own way. Therapy will never look to speed this process up and there are specialised grief counsellors that can help. However sometimes it can seem extreme, it can be so overwhelming that a person can’t seem to function at all, or even is preventing them from organising/attending the funeral. Where this is the case, BWRT® can help you to return to the normal grieving process. Other aspects that may be relevant are:

  • Getting past the anger – this is often the first emotion and can prevent the rest of the grieving process taking place

  • Family dynamics and relationships – sometimes we need to temporarily suspend old feelings so that the funeral can go ahead in accordance with the loved ones wishes

  • Social anxiety – e.g. at the wake

  • Being seen to grieve in public

If you’re struggling with the any of the above, or just want to talk about the therapies that Lyonesse Therapies offer, visit their website.

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